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Fees & Insurance

Our practice has invested in a significant amount of continuing education and technology, ensuring that you receive the best care that modern dentistry has to offer. We believe you deserve the best health care available. That often means we may recommend a more progressive procedure (not covered by insurance) that will conserve natural tooth structure and last longer than the less expensive, less reliable alternative.

Insurance companies are in business to make their money by collecting a maximum amount in premiums while paying out a minimal amount in claims. That’s why most dental insurance companies authorize only the cheapest possible alternative regardless of the impact on your dental health. Without the influence of insurance companies, our team can treat you like a family member and offer the best treatment for you.

Because dental insurance most likely doesn’t meet your needs and usually does not cover cosmetic procedures, we offer a financing plan that can help you achieve your treatment goals. By making arrangements in advance with CareCredit, you can spread out your payments, making treatment easier and more affordable. We will also submit all paperwork to your insurance company to help you receive reimbursement.

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